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NodeJS ES6 Framework

Web framework built on Node.js.

This node framework is a production-ready Node.js framework that takes advantage of ECMAScript 6 through the use of Google Traceur. It is built on top of express at its core.

OpenJS Grid

jQuery Data Grid - Open Source

Open JS Grid comes with a mysql class so you don't have to do any database work yourself. Checkout the examples below on how to do what normally would be complex database queries.

Sorting / Filtering / Resizing Basic grid functionality here, you can sort columns, filter existing data, and resize the columns. You can also resize the grid. Along with that, if you resize the grid down small enough, it adjusts to fit small sizes.

Custom Cells Now you can make your own cell types for money, buttons, whatever alteration to data you want.

Edit / Delete Turn on editing to edit cells. They can be text boxes, checkboxes, or even drop downs. Drop downs can even use data from other database tables.

Share JSON With Anyone.

Share the link to show anyone your JSON
alt + click a parent to collapse all or expand all children
Data types are colored. Boolean, Number and String
Objects and Arrays are denoted, arrays have the number of elements
Double click the source area to collapse it

Root jS

OOP Helper for Javascript

RootJS is a super easy OOP model for javascript. It enables classical like inheritance using ecmascript 5


HTML5 Push Notifications

Realtime is a message server allowing http web clients to communicate with eachother over a simple interface. It consists of both the server, and the client API, both wrapping around

The package is also wrapped up to integrate with Supervisor for managing the process.

Currently this version of the server only support 0.6.x There is apparently a newer fork of compatible to 0.9.0, so maybe someone will update RealTime to that version, once it has determined to be stable.


Javascript Object Selector Engine.

One selector engine to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.

Explanations and some examples can be found in the official documentation. It is a long way off from all-inclusive, so feel free to ask me questions at, @darthlink44, or via the issue tracker.

I drew inspiration for this from an old experiment of mine, as well as from sizzle and how much developers have come to depend on its usefulness.

HTML5 Video Convert

FFMPEG Video Converter for HTML5 Video

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